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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  March 23, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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enter city. it feels like 18 degrees with the wind blowing. 17 is the windchill right now in trenton and wilmington. it feels like it is in the teens. definitely a cold start. the actual temperature is in the 20s now, but just about everyone, dover is at 31. but it's 28 in philadelphia. we will see sunshine. 27 degrees at 7:00. not much warmer at 9:00. warmer later this morning and this afternoon. we'll be sent toward the 40s, but at noontime 35 degrees. with the wind blowing, it will feel colder than that. we'll go through the day hour by hour with future weather when i'm back in ten. right now we'll go to first alert traffic reporter christine maddela. hi, bill. we are seeing a lot of green on the map, so that's good news for this monday morning. no major delays out there on the blue route, 76 or into 295, 495 into delaware throughout our viewing area the major interstates are looking pretty good. i'm following an accident in norristown marshall street and green street i just checked and crews are on the scene trying to
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clear that out of the way. it is causing too many problems or not many problems in norristown. road conditions are good throughout the area. things are pretty dry. the highway overview in new jersey, clear on the 42 free and the new jersey turnpike and 295. tracy? christine, thank you. new from overnight the man is in critical condition after a shooting at a philadelphia neighborhood on bridge street in summerdale. someone shot the man in the chest and arm and got away in a dark-colored sedan. investigators found a bag of marijuana at the scene. happening overnight, two men were stabbed during a late-night brawl in camden when police got to sixth and cherry where they found one man stabbed in the chest and the other stabbed in the face. both are currently at cooper hospital. we are checking with them to see if anyone was arrested. several car owners in the philadelphia neighborhood are missing something this morning. their air bags. and nbc 10's matt delucia is live in rhawnhurst with more.
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>> reporter: right over here about five minutes away a five-minute drive, this is where nine vehicles had their air bags stolen. a little more than three weeks ago. so earlier this month, i'll tell you, we have video for you that shows you all the damage this morning. this is what car owners are waking up to many without air bags in this area. police came out here at 2:00 this morning as one of the drenltz residents heard their car being broken into but others had no idea what was going on until officers knocked at their door. >> i just saw the broken window and the glass. i don't know why they are taking the air bags. >> reporter: and we are trying to get information from police on the break-ins. you can see the damage to one of the cars as we try to find out why the hondas and air bags are a lot more attractive for thieves. yes, all the cars and the ones
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from earlier this month are all hondas hondas. we'll be back next hour with more details on that. matt delucia, "nbc 10 news." all right, matt. happening today, we may have changes coming to the philadelphia police department. when it comes to the use of deadly force the u.s. department of justice will release a report today after reviewing a number of police-involved shootings in philadelphia. now commissioner karl ramsey requested the review in 2013 after officers shot and killed 15 suspects in 2012. the department of justice reportedly is expected to announce a plan of action to reduce the use of deadly force. a man may have saved several lives when he shot and killed a man who had opened fire inside a west philadelphia barbershop. witnesses say yesterday afternoon a man got into an argument with a barber on north preston street. they say that man pulled out a gun and started shooting. another man heard what was happening and ran into the shop and shot the gunman killing him. nbc 10's been told the teen was getting his haircut when the
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bullets started flying. >> i was watching tv in the barbershop and i heard gunshots so i ducked and ran. >> police say the man who killed the suspect had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. they are investigating this as a case of self-defense and have not filed charges. and they have not released the name of the man killed. it's 5:04. the first major candidate in the 2016 presidential race announced his run for the white house overnight. texas republican senator ted cruz has thrown his hat into the ring and did it using twitter. >> nbc 10's vai sikahema is live in the digital operations center with what is expected to be a big day for senator cruz here. >> reporter: the tea party's formally launched his campaign at lynchburg university rather liberty university in lynchburg, virginia. here's what he posted to
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twitter. >> i believe in america and her people and i believe we can stand up and restore our economy. it's going to take a new generation of courageous conservatives helping americans. and i'm ready to stand with you to lead the fight. >> cruz posted that video along with a message that says i am running for president and i hope to earn your support. a rush of republican hopefuls are expected to make announcements over the next few weeks including florida governor jeb bush wisconsin governor scott walker, senator rand paul of kentucky and senator marco rubio of florida. will the list include new jersey governor chris christie? well, last month his supporters launched a superpac to begin fund-raising for a possible presidential campaign. once considered a frontrunner for the gop, christie's image has take an hit following fallout from the two political scandals including the jersey jam.
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the democrats have been quiet so far with no official announcement coming from anyone in the party, although most observers say it's a foregone conclude that hillary clinton may be the party's nomination. live in the digital operations center vai sikahema. robert menendez could faze charges as early as this week. details are still being worked out. the investigation centers on the senator's ties to a florida eye doctor. investigators want to know if me then desk me then desknen then desk me then desknendez accepted gifts from the doctor. and a new law could give small eateries a chance to apply for a liquor license. this will only apply to those who seat a dozen people and
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serve small meals. and several jobs will be up for grabs today at the first spring job fair that a group of delaware senators are hosting this week. and city officials in camden want residents to think about summer jobs. today mayor dana red will talk about youth employment for the summer. the jobs are temporary and workers can make up to $1355 an hour. young job seekers have to be 14 to 17 years old and can go to the department of health services for more information. >> a spokesperson for the oyster creek plant said the staff is working to fix an issue. the plant is 15 miles southeast of philadelphia and is scheduled to close permanently in 2019. they will agreeing to the closure to minimize a cooling tower necessary to reduce the
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impact on fish and wildlife in the area. and coming up at 5:08 it's cold outside this morning. it is spring but we have a spring freeze to start with. temperatures are below freezing. and a chilly day ahead. even though we'll see bright sunshine you certainly need a winter coat and sunglasses during the day today. a warmer day will be here before the week is out, but it will come with rain as well. looks at the numbers, 24 right now in allentown. northeast philadelphia and atlantic city with clear skies in the 20s. temperatures may come down a degree or two, not much more but that's all that is coming down. that's a live view of beach avenue in lafayette hotel in cape may. it is dry. the radar has nothing to show you today, but we're watching showers later in the week. for today, watch the temperatures that will climb only up to 34 degrees by lunchtime. with the wind blowing out of the northwest, that's going to keep temperatures down during the morning hours and during the
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afternoon. we'll peak in the low 40s for philadelphia wilmington pottstown and millville. i'll tell you when we would normally see temperatures into the middle 50s for this time of the year. so it's a chilly one. grab your winter coat this morning. it's going to be coming in handy for much of the day as the wind will make temperatures in the upper 30s and 40s feel even colder with the winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. the warm up and the seven-day when i'm back in ten. ten minutes after 5:00 and time to get a check on traffic on this early monday morning. >> first alert traffic reporter christine maddela has that for us. >> the only accident is in norristown and still out there. marshall street and green street. that's part of your commute, just be aware that crews are out there trying to get that cleared out of the way. the major interstates and highways throughout the area are looking good. like here along interstate 95 in delaware at route 1, there's not a lot of folks on the road this early. as you head out, now is a good time to go. take a look at drive time 76 is
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in the area of conshohocken curve that normally slows down. we are seeing a lot of green to report. 12 minutes is the drive time in each direction eastbound and westbound between the blue route and the vine. and here's an update to what the road work is looking like on the pennsylvania turnpike. we just got word via twitter that's cleared. so between interstate 78 and route 53 those construction crews are out of the way and the left lane is no longer blocked. tracy? protecting road crews on the job. penndot teamed up with police to remind drivers to go slow in construction zones. we'll tell you what they are doing this week to get the message out. and headed to court. the infamous heir with ties to our area. we are following the case of robert durst.
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5:13 and the phillies are taking on the twins today in a much warmer climate. we are looking at a chilly start, 28 degrees as we take a live look at citizens bank park. we are not getting much of a warm up today. bill henley is back in a moment with a look at the weather for today, but it will get warmer later this week. so hang on to the spring dreams. real estate heir and suspected killer robert durst is due back in a louisiana courtroom today set to challenge his arrest on drugs and gun charges calling it unlawful based on an invalid warrant. he wants durst sent to
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california to depend him against murder charges there. durst is accused of killing his friend 15 years ago. prosecutors u prosecutors, meantime, may rest their case in the boston marathon bombing trial. dzhokhar tsarnaev did admit he did it but they are making a case that the older brother was the mastermind. it will be up to the jury to decide if sartsarnaev was capable of receiving the death penalty or life in prison. defense officials say some names listed on the isis hit list are military members and they say the threat is about intimidation and propaganda.
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meanwhile, the u.s. is helping to train iraqi forces to fight isis. this is from a military base just north of baghdad to show the iraqi soldiers doing weapons training. the soldiers are also learning how to coordinate security efforts on the ground to work alongside with coalition air strikes. the iraqi military is fighting isis militants to regrainain control of tikrit. in the latest secret service scandal, lawmakers are demanding that the head of the secret service allow four agents to testify at a hearing tomorrow regarding what happened outside the white house earlier this month. on march 4th two high-ranking agency officials were allegedly drinking when they drove into a secure area during an accident investigation. yesterday lawmakers sent clancey a letter and he agreed to testify at the agency's sole witness. a philadelphia man is behind bars after shooting his
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ex-girlfriend's son. jamille carter turned himself into police last night after he wednesday to his ex-girlfriend's home in port richmond yesterday and started hitting her. her son heard the fighting and came downstairs. that's when carter shot the 12-year-old in the leg. >> this has never happened here. never. >> the boy is expected to be okay. now another child shot in philadelphia, this time by her brother. this happened on saturday at a home on charles street in the city's wissinomig neighborhood. a 14-year-old boy took a loaded gun out of his father's night stand. the gun went off with the bullet hitting the girl in the back of the head. she's in critical but stable condition. no charges have been filed. penndot is teaming up with state and local police to launch work zone safety awareness week. officials will kickoff the event later today along route 422 in montgomery county. this year's theme is expect the
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unexpected. police and transportation workers encourage drivers to use caution when going through construction zones. workers beginning, meantime construction work is beginning on a project to improve connections on several major roads in philadelphia. starting tonight there will be lane restrictions on part of a project to rebuild ramps and improve connections at i-95 the betsy ross bridge as well. work continues through fall of 2017. speaking of driving, a traffic alert for anyone who drives through chestnut hill. the philadelphia streets department says it will have to use an extra week to complete demolition of the bridge on willow grove avenue. that and bad weather are blamed for the delay. demolition began last night and will run through thursday, march 26. most of the work is done overnight to reduce the impact to the septa rail line. overall, construction is expected to be complete by
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december 2015. it seems like everywhere you look there's some type of road repair going on after the winter we had. a lot of pothole work out there, so take your time headed out there. >> i'm not sure christine can tell you about the potholes you'll face but she can tell you about the construction and accidents. what are you seeing? >> right, it would take me hours to tell you about all the potholes, even just on my own commute. but watch for road detours posted in those areas. taking a live look at interstate 295 in cherry hill things are moving nicely. no major delays or incidents. in the garden state, we'll update you on the drive times traveling the 42 freeway out there. taking a look right now, we're seeing a lot of green. five minutes both northbound and southbound from route 55 to the walt whitman bridge. if that's part of your commute, things are looking pretty good. we are seeing an accident in norristown and out there on marshall street and green
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street. be aware of crews trying to move that out of the way. we'll take a look at drive times at this hour where we are still in the clear. a lot of green out there. these are normal problem spots. so it won't be green for long but for now things are looking pretty good. it's an hour and 41 minutes before sunrise this morning. we have clear skies. with no sun temperatures are falling. a cold view of boathouse row. it feels like winter outside on this first monday of spring. redding, 24 degrees. 28 in philadelphia. cape may is below freezing at 30 degrees. it won't be long at citizens bank park. but right now we have baseball. we are in the 20s. 25 degrees in trenton. rightstown 24. a little colder in washington township. it's a cold start this morning. bundle up. you need your winter coat to
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start with this morning. and there are some high clouds around but sunshine will be bright and you'll need a good hat or sunglasses during the day today. we'll see lots of sunshine. tomorrow morning, we'll start with some clouds. these clouds are producing snow in the chicago area into wisconsin and southeastern minnesota. the snowflakes will be moving toward our area. and these are going to miss us tomorrow morning. but the cold will be here. and this afternoon instead of the middle 50s, which is normal this time of the year the upper 30s to lower 40s. we'll be running 15 degrees below normal. and breezy with the winds gusting to 20 miles an hour. tomorrow morning, back into the cold. 28 degrees and a little bit warmer tomorrow afternoon. but not by much. sunny skies tuesday, but then here come the clouds along with warmer temperatures for wednesday and thursday. a warming trend to have us in the middle 60s thursday afternoon. but we'll get some light rain showers. there's even the chance a
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slight chance of some thunderstorm activity on thursday. by friday we're drying out. and saturday and sunday will be on the chilly side. 46 is the high on saturday. up to 50 on sunday afternoon. >> we will take the 60s, even if it comes with rain on thursday. complaining about the cost. we have new information this morning about tax refunds and the fees you have to pay if you want your money fast. and lending a helping hand. ahead in the next half hour how a weekend of work for dozens of volunteers made it possible for some of the elderly neighbors to stay in their homes.
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it is 5:24. a live look at cape may. and the bright sunshine we saw over the weekend may have you thinking of a shore trip but temperatures are not cooperating with that. 28 degrees in philadelphia right now. we won't get too much of a warm up today. meteorologist bill henley is back in a moment with when we'll look at the warm up to come with a chance of rain. more crash-strapped americans are turning to cash advances raising new concerns. many americans are opting for payment advances and prepaid cards instead of waiting for their refunds. but after getting complaints regulators are concerned that consumers are not fully aware of how much the advances cost them in fees. the consumer protection bureau is finalizing rules on the prepaid debit cards including those for tax refunds to require easy to understand disclosures about cost and risk. the future of radio shack
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could be decided at a bankruptcy auction. depending on the bidder the chain could be strapped or partially saved. on one side a firm is going to sell their assets and on the other side the hedge fund that promises about 17 stores to stay open. they are teaming up with sprint to operate as co-branded stores. they sell wireless service and everything else. and it's springtime but it feels like winter this morning. temperatures have dropped into the 20s. 28 degrees here at nbc 10. a cold start, but you'll need your sunglasses. we'll see sunshine today. what are we seeing on the roads, christine maddela? we are seeing a lot of good news out there. no major problems or delays here on interstate 76 at montgomery drive. the same goes for the roads in new jersey and delaware. i'll have an update when we come
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back. i'm yes, sirjesse gary live at the police headquarters. they are looking at the police use of force and we'll have that preview coming up. and the first presidential contender steps into the ring. this morning we're following developments in the race for the white house.
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windows smashed in and air bags ripped out. we are live as police investigate a series of car break-ins overnight. and the philadelphia police commissioner asked for a review of his department's use of deadly force. today we'll hear the recommendations more than a year in the making. and a cold start to the first full day of spring. we are starting out below normal and it will be cold all day. more seasonal temperatures are right around the corner. good morning, welcome to "nbc 10 news" today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. more seasonal temperatures can't get here soon enough for some people. we'll go to bill henley and the cold start. we're going to see temperatures cold this week. unfortunately, the swing is low temperatures. this morning the winter chill is in the air. 28 degrees right now in philadelphia. with the wind blowing, it feels like 18 degrees. 17 degrees in trenton.
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the windchill is 15 for reading and pottstown. a cold start with numbers in the teens for most of the area but the temperatures will be climbing. slowly. 27 at 7:00. 29 at 9:00. and then 35 degrees at lunchtime. we'll be in the 40s this afternoon. you'll need sunglasses today. bright sunshine but that will have a limited effect on the temperatures. a look at the future weather when i'm back in ten. let's go to christine maddela. good morning, bill. it is chilly out there, but we have good news for a ride to work and school. things are looking good but we have news in norristown. i was watching on marshall street and green street we are look g looking pretty good there. not much to slow you down there as evidenced by the drive


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